EuroFim s.r.l.

Eurofim srl manufactures highly automated systems for storage, weighing, transportation and dosing of raw materials, for the food and non-food industries.
The high quality of EuroFim’s machines is the result of the company’s consolidated experience and its in-depthtechnical and applicative know-how.

EuroFim keeps technically up to date and strives to improve by assessing and documenting how customers use its products with the aim of improving products and offering practical, dependable solutions custom-tailored to all our customers’ needs.

EuroFim is located in Dosso (Ferrara), where it can easily be reached from the BOLOGNA, MODENA and FERRARA motorway exits.

The company has a very simple and flexible structure, with complex functions which are not rigidly assigned. EuroFim has a product support and development department, a technical office for project management, preparation of technical manuals, etc. and of course administrative and commercial offices. All services (advertising, public relations, taxes, insurance, etc...) are outsourced.

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EuroFIM s.r.l.- Manufacturers of food processing machines
Plant: Via Statale, 337 - 44047 DOSSO Ferrara
Tel 0532/848507 - Fax 0532/848390 - E-Mail eurofim@eurofim.netCookies Policy